Baggage wrapping

Baggage wrapping provides protection to the passengers luggage

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Trolley retrieval, maintenance.

Trolleys are assets like any other at an airport and must be

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Airport Stalls

These stalls cater to all the needs of the travellers.

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In flight services

supplying newspapers and magazines to Airlines.

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Comfort Stations

State of the art comfort stations adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and aesthetics are a PAM speciality.

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Welcome to PAM Airport Services

PAM Airport services is one of the leading various providers of quality Operations and Maintenance services for Airports in India. It is rendering its services 7 International Airports in India Mr. P.A Mustafa has founded and leading this venture since 1995. And today PAM provides multiple airport services like baggage wrapping, running airport stalls, Managing Advertisements and Maintenance of Passenger Baggage trolleys, etc.

Corporate Profile

Started its journey 15 years ago as a small venture in Calicut Airport, PAM Airport services has now expanded its base to 7 other international airport across southern part of the country with a total staff strength more than 150.members PAM is now one of is one of the fastest growing airport services providers in India.
The excellence in services which pam offer has become the reason for first choice for other companies to outsource their services. PAM provides all necessary requirements for the installation, operations and maintenance in the airport services industry and also the highest level of customer service possible.
We present highly trained and talented professionals to make sure quality as well as excellent customer service in all airport where PAM operates. PAM's operations are very systematic and computerized. PAM offer its services 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. Whether it is automatic fault monitoring, task management, automatic fault paging or predictive maintenance, PAM's computer management system ensures excellent reliability.